Sunday, September 27, 2009


Jered's look, a classic...simple but quite daring of him to wear white jeans out to a bar...shits dirty out there, especially SD Beauty Bar when Shark Attack is playing...

Anyway, lets look him over...
Jered's wearing an awesome sweatshirt from The Windmill Thrift Store in San Diego. If you patiently dig hard enough, you may come out with a few good finds, like Jered's turquoise, navy, and purple sweatshirt. And, weather he knew it or not, he pushed the sleeves up just to his his sweatshirt more of a "night life" look, rather than just looking like hes ready to lounge around the house.

His pants, white denim, but still slimming...lucky Jered...are Gsus brand, which are surprisingly affordable! Around $100, and if you buy them used, on ebay, or from a random internet site they are way less! A little shady, but you may save a buck or two...
Anyways, Jereds are from the Jeanery, and they look AMAZING with his shoes, Dr. Martin Boots! You gotta love the boots! Fuck "GOGREEN!" lets "GO GRUNGE!"


Jered tops off his outfit with a subtle accessory...
 A Louis Vuitton lock on a random chain, he says, that he creatively took off a Louis Vuitton handbag

Get Jered's look!

First, go to the thrift stores and see what you can stir up. Find out what days that they get their donations, get there early and then clean them out! You may just find every thing you need there. But if not, here are some other places to go...

American Apparel carries pants just like Jered's. They have them, Slim Slacks, in tons of colors, such as white like Jered's. And they are affordable at about $75, comfortable, and they last for a long time.
Not to mention they are is, pretty much, Jered's entire outfit.
You can find a pair of Doc's online at or on or even at their website
But, used ones are cheaper and already broken in for you.
If you can't find them online, you can go to Boot World in San Diego, or any place like that.

As for accessorizing like Jered, you can find an old chain anywhere...check Mom's jewelry box. If you don't have a  Louis Vuitton handbag, I know I don't...don't feel bad, go to Rite Aide or CVS because they sell little Locks just like the Louis ones for way cheap, only they don't have "LV" carved into them. But...who really cares?
This gives you a chance to maybe even decorate it yourself!
Be creative!

Friday, September 25, 2009


21 year old Amy has a unique style that she has made all her own...although the clothing may not always be one of a kind, its the way Amy presents herself and puts herself together that makes her who she is.

The shorts she is wearing are from Forever 21, which means they are very affordable.The length of the shorts are perfect for her height, making her legs look longer without do I put this... skanky?

Her shirt, from Urban Outfitters, is similar to Spanish embroidered style designs, and loosely hangs beautifully off her thin frame.

The hat along with her shoes, which is just a random thrift store find, she says, is just icing on the cake. The hat contrasts perfectly with her hair and pulls the outfit together.

Getting Amy's look is affordable and easy...

Forever 21 carries a similar black, Eyelet Trim Chiffon Top for just under $25.
And a Grey Embroidered Sleeve Blouse for around $30

This style is best fitted for petite body types like Amy's, short with thin legs in order to create an illusion of height and longer legs.

I would recommend trying Forever 21's Button Pleated Shorts, for around $15, with a pair of heals or even Forever 21's, $30 Heeled Ankle Booties with this outfit. It will lengthen shorter legs even more.


Or you can keep it flat out adorable with flats, just like Amy did with similar shoes from Urban Outfitters, Deena & Ozzy Perforated Oxford for about $68.00

To top the outfit off, I would add a heavy necklace...

All available at Forever 21 under $5!!!

Don't forget the hat! Urban Outfitters has a ton of hats, really cute ones too. Even some of the guys hats will work for us girls! Especially the Moleskin Fedora for around  $35.

The Spillane Straw Fedora is around $30 and comes in darker brown as well is a great way to top off this outfit. As well as the Stitched Cloche, which is on sale for $15!
Urban's Felt Bowler Hat at around $40, matches Amy's almost exactly. I don't know about you, but $40 is a little pricey for a hat...but trust me, its worth it. Once you have it, you won't want to take it off. You'll feel like a little kid again getting attached to your tutu or superman cape and you'll wanna sleep in it every night and wear it every day. Only difference is, the hat works with just about everything...the tutu, not so much.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Alexa's over sized sweater, paired with a white unique designed T-shirt look amazing with her super skinny jeans which zip at the ankles.
Looking cozy in another over sized sweater, this one with deep pockets, Alexa looks adorable in a faded Gun's and Rose's T-shirt and black super skinny jeans.
This time Alexa adds a hat. The hat is something that very few can pull off, and personally, I think Alexa has got the style and charisma to rock the rocky raccoon. 
My only issue with these looks is the shoes that Alexa is wearing...
I feel that she could have rocked some ankle boots or even dared to have gone grunge and wore a pair of Docks...

Maybe even paired the Guns&Roses T-Shirt with a pair of AA black and white tie-dye leggings with the white ankle boots and a white over-sized, deep pocket sweater.

Not everyone can rock this trashy fashion. I know it sounds horrible, and I don't in any way promote unhealthy body image...but unless you are a tall waif like Alexa, the look of the over sized sweater and grubby T-shirt with skinny jeans just doesn't look right.

Achieving this look is really easy.
If you can't find an old T-shirt with a unique design by going through your brothers old crap, or your boyfriends stuff...head over to the thrift store...and I don't mean Buffalo Exchange or Flashbacks...I mean Amvets or Goodwill. They are way less pricey, and you'll find way more for way less, but if you don't have any luck, then I would suggest going to American Apparel because of how soft their shirts are, especially their 50/50's, their Deep V's, and a lot of their new Tee's, like their Burn-outs, and their they look somewhat vintage...their prices are a little higher, but worth it because of the quality.
And skinny jeans can be found pretty much anywhere these days, but you can also replace them with leggings.

You can find pretty much everything you need to get Alexa's look in your closet, your brothers/boyfriends  closet, or at American Apparel, H&M, and even at Forever 21!

As for shoes, I would suggest Payless...they have so many ankle boots right now...and on sale, BOGO! Freakin' Amazing! Gotta love it!

Super cute ankle boots for only $30-$40 is a steal!

Well, that's it for fabulous, gorgeous, and stylish Alexa!