Thursday, November 12, 2009


My favorite little bunny with a black heart...she has a quirky sense of style and tallent beyond believe. I know because, not only have I grown up with Erika, I've had the honor of working side by side with her during fashion shows and photo shoots for her clothing line "Black Heart Bunny".

"Black Heart Bunny" consists of simple prints like lace skulls, ships, glasses, crocodiles, kitty's, peacock feathers, or little deer like creatures screen printed onto cotton t-shirts, baby-dolls, skirts, dresses, sweaters and bags.'s a little preview...

But...aside from here enormous talent in fashion design...she has impeccable taste in style for herself.

Erikas's tie dye bat wing blouse is from Forever 21, only $10!


Her black stirrup leggings, again from Forever 21 are $17
And her amazing Sam Edelman Ankle Booties, a wopping $98!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Now, I know for a fact that San Diego holds a Love/Hate relationship with May...
Be it from jealousy, or who knows what...but I do know this, the girl has got style, and her Fashion Show nights can sell out a club within 20 minutes.
She has an eye for fashion and it certainly shows.

May is wearing a Black Lace Vintage Negligee, as a top she got for $27 (brand unknown)  that she bought at
an antique store and pairs it with a black skirt she got at Buffalo Exchange 4 years ago.

Here again is May in the same Black Negligee and a red belt she got at Forever 21 for $10, which ties the outfit together along side her Red tights and Black Ankle Boots.


She sprinkles herself in Gold Chains and Jewelry, like a few Bracelets and vintage Flower Rings which are the only splash of color she gives her look aside from the red belt.

Her bleach blond, A-symmetrical bangs frame her face perfectly...out of all 3,000 of May's hair styles, I think I like this one the best.
And her lips! Her adorable, upturned lips!

I LOVE love love the black lipstick! It is so fashion forward, it is so trashy, its so grunge! it is so MayStar! And, therefor, in my opinion, earning the "Star" at the end of her name.

Get MayStar's Look!

Finding a similar black chiffon-like blouse is easy, and could be found pretty much anywhere...
I would try Forever 21...

 ...all between $20 and $40!

...Also try Charlotte Russe, this adorable floral ruffle dress is only $26.99!

 If you strike out there, then hit Nordsdtroms or Urban Outfitters...those kind of stores.

Then try Buffalo Exchange or Flashbacks for jewelry like May's. 
Same places for the belt, the tights, and even the ankle boots.
But, my favorite place for shoes...PAYLESS!

And even Target has shoes right now!
...All for about $30...

The real challenge is trying to pull off the black lipstick!
If you look as good as MayStar does in it, I'll give you a star at the end of your name too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amanda Wesselman

Amanda Wesselman...beautiful, fashionable, tattooed, and extremely talented!

Believe it or not, the sparkly Gold slinky and sexy dress was actually made by Amanda herself.
Wesselman has her own line of clothing called, "MakeShift Apparel"

She adds unique details, like the handmade flower-like broaches at the top of the dress which made out of zippers! Something so clever and unusual like this could have only come from Wesselman's exeptional mind and into her clothing line! (Linked Above)


Wesselman's, one of a kind, Gold Dress made from a polyester spandex material costs around $60.

"I do a bunch of one of a kind pieces," she there's more one of a kind pieces where that came from!
Which, in my opinion, is awesome because you will never walk into a party and have the dreadful moment of..."Oh no! I'm wearing the same dress as that girl!" Which is followed by the ever so haunting thoughts, whether you like it or not...but they're there..."Did the dress look better on her? Or me?"
Save yourself some sanity! Check out Amanda's site!

Her shoes are from Charlotte Russe work Amanda's personal style awesomely.
But, if you don't share the same, "Amy Weinhouse/Rockabilly" Style as Amanda, it doesn't mean her dress won't work for you too.

The dress is short enough to wear as a, if it were me I would pair it with dark skinny jeans, and let the dress bubble out. And as for shoes, a pair of patten leather pumps.

All these jeans are Levi's...all for under $100 and are of quality.
Looking for a quick fix? Go to Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe for cheapo jeans, but Levi's are a guaranteed way to make your butt look perfect...well....maybe not....but..they are great jeans that last!

 As for the pumps...I stick by Payless or Target! Man they are cheap!

There are a ton of other pieces worth looking at that Amanda has made.
And, not only does she design for women, she designs for men too!
Here is just a sneak peek of two designs that I ADORE...

Amanda Wesselman of "Make Shift Apparel" is showing her Designs at May Star's ever so popular "Fashion Whore" in a Fashion Show
on November 7th, 2009 at the Ruby Room!

Come check her out!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Super Sleek Andrea!
Like a 5 foot 8 Retro flower plucked right outta the 70's with a few petals from 2009.

Her shirt, a polyester material, is vintage and quite flattering on her.
She got it from City Digz in downtown San Diego on 16th and Market.
The white collar makes it unique and brings out the white flowers in the blouse with its billowing sleeves.
Absolutely adorable!

Andrea got her black, "See You Monday," Lamé Leggings at Flashbacks in Hillcrest.
They are a definite "night" look, rather than daytime.

And, as if her legs couldn't get any longer, she adds a pair of BCBG black pumps that she got from Nordstrom Rack in Mission Valley!

She tops off her look by sweeping her jet black hair to the side and placing a white flower in it, which looks especially good on her because she has super heavy bangs.

Get Andrea's Look

Lets start at the top...

Flower Clips for your hair are for sale at Forever 21 for under $2!!!
And, if you are daring enough...cut some super heavy bangs!

 (heavy bangs work best on those with heart shaped faces)

As for her blouse, seeing as its vintage...its gonna be hard to find another one like it. But, Urban Outfitters has a couple that are similar, unfortunately they don't have the adorable white collar that Andrea's does.

Urban Outfitters for about $40
(with the same billowing sleeves)

Urban Outfitters for about $54

American Apparel carries Black Lamé leggings just like the ones Andrea is wearing for under $50.