Monday, October 12, 2009


Super Sleek Andrea!
Like a 5 foot 8 Retro flower plucked right outta the 70's with a few petals from 2009.

Her shirt, a polyester material, is vintage and quite flattering on her.
She got it from City Digz in downtown San Diego on 16th and Market.
The white collar makes it unique and brings out the white flowers in the blouse with its billowing sleeves.
Absolutely adorable!

Andrea got her black, "See You Monday," Lamé Leggings at Flashbacks in Hillcrest.
They are a definite "night" look, rather than daytime.

And, as if her legs couldn't get any longer, she adds a pair of BCBG black pumps that she got from Nordstrom Rack in Mission Valley!

She tops off her look by sweeping her jet black hair to the side and placing a white flower in it, which looks especially good on her because she has super heavy bangs.

Get Andrea's Look

Lets start at the top...

Flower Clips for your hair are for sale at Forever 21 for under $2!!!
And, if you are daring enough...cut some super heavy bangs!

 (heavy bangs work best on those with heart shaped faces)

As for her blouse, seeing as its vintage...its gonna be hard to find another one like it. But, Urban Outfitters has a couple that are similar, unfortunately they don't have the adorable white collar that Andrea's does.

Urban Outfitters for about $40
(with the same billowing sleeves)

Urban Outfitters for about $54

American Apparel carries Black Lamé leggings just like the ones Andrea is wearing for under $50.

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