Monday, October 26, 2009


Now, I know for a fact that San Diego holds a Love/Hate relationship with May...
Be it from jealousy, or who knows what...but I do know this, the girl has got style, and her Fashion Show nights can sell out a club within 20 minutes.
She has an eye for fashion and it certainly shows.

May is wearing a Black Lace Vintage Negligee, as a top she got for $27 (brand unknown)  that she bought at
an antique store and pairs it with a black skirt she got at Buffalo Exchange 4 years ago.

Here again is May in the same Black Negligee and a red belt she got at Forever 21 for $10, which ties the outfit together along side her Red tights and Black Ankle Boots.


She sprinkles herself in Gold Chains and Jewelry, like a few Bracelets and vintage Flower Rings which are the only splash of color she gives her look aside from the red belt.

Her bleach blond, A-symmetrical bangs frame her face perfectly...out of all 3,000 of May's hair styles, I think I like this one the best.
And her lips! Her adorable, upturned lips!

I LOVE love love the black lipstick! It is so fashion forward, it is so trashy, its so grunge! it is so MayStar! And, therefor, in my opinion, earning the "Star" at the end of her name.

Get MayStar's Look!

Finding a similar black chiffon-like blouse is easy, and could be found pretty much anywhere...
I would try Forever 21...

 ...all between $20 and $40!

...Also try Charlotte Russe, this adorable floral ruffle dress is only $26.99!

 If you strike out there, then hit Nordsdtroms or Urban Outfitters...those kind of stores.

Then try Buffalo Exchange or Flashbacks for jewelry like May's. 
Same places for the belt, the tights, and even the ankle boots.
But, my favorite place for shoes...PAYLESS!

And even Target has shoes right now!
...All for about $30...

The real challenge is trying to pull off the black lipstick!
If you look as good as MayStar does in it, I'll give you a star at the end of your name too.

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